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From: Rev. Jeffrey B. Wolfe, ID '85 -

On August 21, 2014, Brother Jeffery Wolfe ID'85, was ordained to the transitional Diaconate in the United American Catholic Church at the Roslyn Retreat Center in Richmond, VA at the 2014 Annual Synod for the United American Catholic Church.

In addition, Rev Bro Jeffery Wolfe, OSFC, was received into the Franciscan Order of the Order of Saints Francis and Clare (OSFC) as a Novitiate on August 22, 2013 and took his first temporary (1 year vows) as he explores the experience of being a Franciscan. Like many Catholic religious, Franciscans are focused on keeping vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

Rev Brother Jeff also continues to serve as Executive Director for The Kristen Center, a not for profit delivery 2nd tier support programs and services to those with HIV and those who care for them.

Brother Jeff attended Indiana University from 1981-1984, where he served as House Manager during his pledgeship and was then elected to the Chapter Council as Epsilon for 1982-83 and 1983-84.

Several individuals both from Rev Bro Jeff's business contacts and a few of his pledge brothers have supported his ministry as he not only is building a parish in Indianapolis founded Vatican II's 16 Documents and its inclusive

From:  Neil A. Coker ID '06 -

Bobby Jones ID '07 initially found information on Facebook that Brother Coker has cancer, which has returned four times.  Neil's treatment will require that he be away from home for about 100 days, half of which will be spent in a hotel.  His cousin is planning a fund raiser for him. 

In response to Bobby's contact, Neil responded today, "While we aren't in dire straits, it is a financial strain, and we would greatly appreciate help from Chi Phi's.  I have Primary Refractory Hodgkins Lymphoma, having gone through chemotherapy, radiation, two stem cell transplants using my own cells, and am getting ready to do a third using my sister's stem cells.  I will be at Cancer Treatment of America for three months or so."

Neil's postal address is 1331 Clark Smith Road, Mitchell, IN 47446. 

From: Mike Shanahan ID '76 -

Information: Michael A. Shanahan, known in my campus days as "The Whale" and my wife Kathy naturally became "The Minnow." Graduated in 1976 with a degree in police sciences which led to my 35+ year career as a police officer in Tustin, California. Married for 35 years to Kathy, we have 3 adult children: Amanda a police dispatcher, Heather an engineer with a safety firm, and Kevin a soon to be educator and high school coach. I am now semi-retired from the police department after reaching the rank of captain and now serve as a reserve officer.

I am heavily involved with my church, Rotary, Meals on Wheels, I'm Chairman of the local Veterans Memorial Association, President of the Indiana Alumni Association for Orange County CA, Captain of a number of Relay for Life Cancer fundraisers for the American Red Cross and most recently was recognized as the 2011 "Man of the Year" for the city where we live, Yorba Linda CA.

I learned more about life and leadership from being a Chi Phi and serving in a number of house positions including Alpha than all the classes I attended put together at IU. I stay in touch with several of my Chi Phi brothers, and make it back to Indiana about every other year to visit.

From: Michael Robison ID '79 -


  • Michael W. Robison- "Nose man"- I know the guys in the website picture!!!!!! - Burgess, etc. (Iota Delta Archives:  Fall Pledge Class Trip, Wisconsin 1976)
  • Business, Marketing & Advertising
  • Pledge trainer, Social Chairman-once.
  • My spouse: Maria Robison from University de Lima, Peru
  • One Son named Jordan, age 27, and spent 11 years in the Military after 9-11
  • Other Son named Sebastian - age 12
  • Worked in Washington, DC area since 1988 - various government contracts - Quantico Marine base - 11 year plan - Live in Virginia
  • love Dale Carnegie and singing the IU song.
  • love all the Chi Phi songs. still sing them to myself - everyone else thinks I'm nuts if I animate with those songs - I guess they don't understand.
Warm regards,
Mike Robison

From: Mike Canine ID '62 -

Thank you, Joe, for the lead to the ID Archives page.

WOW!  It feels a little odd to be primarily interested in anything named "archives", but it is so. I'll look it up when I finish this email.

Boy, it has been a long time since we were at IU. Just for fun I did the math and it's been 363 "Dog years".

I don't believe writing email addresses is lower case sensitive any more, but to be sure no one has trouble, my address is:

Will Iota Delta reopen by 2012?  I would assuredly visit while attending the 50th Reunion of the Class of '62.

Please feel free to add my email address to your communications "Contacts File"  I'm sure that over time it will be interesting to hear your life experiences since the early 60s.

Again, thanks for the Archives page lead.


From: Fred Arnold '62 -

I was reading through the archives and thought I would mention a tidbit of trivia. Prior to the 1961 Fall Carnival (which we and the Chi Os won), a number of Iota Deltan's roamed campus with small containers of Mum deodorant and handed them to fellow students with the comment:  "Ssshhh! Mum's the Word!  Keep it under your arm." 

Did this help draw attention to our booth?  I don't know, but probably so.  And, it was enjoyable for me and the others passing out the 'gifts' which were obtained by one of  the Chi Omega's as a Mum promotion.

For what it's worth.

From: Jeff Wolfe '85 - 

Greetings Brothers...

Br Jeff Wolfe (Mom Wolfe). I was in the 1985 pledge class. However, in 1984, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I had to move back home and help my dad take care of her. She died October 22, 1986. Five years later my dad died, November 22, 1992 (on my birthday).

From there, I went right into the work force focusing on what I knew best at the time - information technology. I started out at a company called "The Future Now". It was a Product/Services Outsourcing and Project Company for other business. It was on NASDAQ until it was finally broke apart into 2 companies. I went with the service delivery side of the business, XLConnect. We were bought by Xerox and became Xerox Connect. I served as National Manager of Product Services for XLConnect, then became Principal for Project Management at Xerox Connect and helped launch Xerox Connect's Project Management Office. I then took a position at IBM. After IBM I worked for start-up companies until in 2003 I landed in the hospital with a rare blood illness. After two years of recovery, I finally retired from the IT business and enjoyed about 5 year of retirement.

I finally decided to go back to school and finish my bachelor degree. I graduated in 2009 with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Medical Sociology. Then, I finally answered my calling that most of you who knew me back at ID that I was eventually bound for ministry.

I'm a seminarian at St. John XXIII Theological Institute, enrolled in their Master of Divinity Program. I've been accepted as a candidate for Holy Orders and been inducted as a Brother in the American Catholic Church in the United States (ACCUS), an off-shoot of the Old Catholic Church.

I'm living in Indy and launching a Pastoral and Outreach Center for the HIV Community focused on providing Support Groups and Pastoral Counseling for those afflicted with HIV and their loved one who care for them.

I'm so excited to see Iota Delta back on the web, and I think the (New Wing) addition is fantastic. I cannot wait to make a visit to see it. (I'll want a full tour, with beer of course!).

My profile has my contact info, but I am the Director for St. John XXIII Pastoral & Outreach Center in Indianapolis (

Peace - Brothers, Actives, and Pledges!

Br Jeff Wolfe ID'85

Bill Duckworth '61 -

Hi Joseph and Kip and all brothers,

I really appreciate the updates.  I recognize some names, simply because of the very helpful correspondence.

I was part of the founding group at Indiana University in 1957-58-59-60.  I left IU after the spring of 1960 and moved to Denver and completed my education at the University of Denver in 1962.  I was employed by the Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company in Denver, then in Boise, Idaho.  I left that company in 1965 and joined the United States Government, US Forest Service on the Shoshone National Forest in 1967.  I later served on the Grand Mesa- Uncompahgre National Forest, The Nezperce National Forest and the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana as Director of Personnel and Finances.  I moved to Anchorage, Alaska, in 1980 as Regional Director of Personnel for the Alaska Region of the National Park Service.  In 1985, after the death of my spouse to lung cancer, I returned to the lower 48 in Denver, as the Personnel Officer for the Western Office of the Minerals Management Service.  I retired in 1995 after I was married to Nora Vallester in the Philippines in 1991 and we moved to Montrose, Colorado, after my retirement.

We still live about 5 miles south of Montrose on a beautiful hill top called Moonlight Mesa, just west off of US 550, about 25 miles North of Ouray, Colorado, and the beautiful San Juan Mountains, which we can clearly see out of our south windows.  I am still very active and hiking and mountain climbing and Nora is working for the Montrose Hospital and has put all 13 nieces and nephews in the Philippines through college degrees there.  Her mother, Edilberta lives with us.

We would like to extend an invitation to everyone to come and visit us here.  We have a nice big home and have hosted many people and, for anyone interested, we tour and hike and even mountain climb in the beautiful area around Ouray and the San Juan Mountains.  We would love to have any of you come and visit us and enjoy the beauty of this area.  I am still moujntain climbing and have 4 more peaks over 14,000 feet to finish off all 54 peaks of that elevation, so that will be part of my activities this summer.  Next year we are going to Tibet to visit the family of our adopted  daughter, Jigchen Tso, and then the following summer we are returning one more time to Nepal and back to the Philippines for another visit at our Philippine home and family.

We would love to connect with all of your and happy to host anyone interested.  You have my email address.  Our phone is 970-240-4197.  I would love to hear from any of you.

Peace, Bill and Nora Duckworth
19348  6565  Road
Montrose, Colorado 81403


I would love to hear from any of you.

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