Iota Delta of Chi Phi Brothers 1985

For those Alumni who attended from Fall of 1981 through Spring of 1985, here are group photos we all posed for to be placed in Indiana University's "ARBUTUS" Yearbook for our Fraternity Chapter House at 1400 North Jordan Avenue, in Bloomington, IN on the IU Campus (Fraternity Row). This was when we were in our "hay day" with full capacity house and ruling the games at intrmurals to winning as a solo act at IU Sing (3rd place, "Wild, Wild, West") to being one of the best fraternities on campus at the day (and holding Beach Party Keggers, despite Dean Gordon's raids!) lol. Wow, was I ever this young!!! Enjoy my alumni brothers - especially to all my PLEDGE BROTHERS.

Rev Bro Jeff Wolfe, OSFC
Iota Delta, '85