Chapter Eternal

Thanks to the diligent efforts of prior ICPAA Secretary Thomas A. Walls ID '72, and Ronald L. Richards ID '70, we have more-detailed records of Brothers who have joined the Chapter Eternal. If you can provide further information or obituaries, please let us know.
The spirit never ages;
The essence of the soul
Is sure and strong forever
And keeps us young and whole!
- by Charlotte Pease


Prayer of the Fraternity  

ALMIGHTY Father, who dost vouchsafe to direct those who acknowledge Thee ln all their ways, look, we beseech Thee, with favor upon our Fraternity. Make it a blessing and a benefit to all its members. Deliver us from those evils to which we may be at any time exposed. Grant us the light of Thy Truth and the illumination of Thy Spirit that we may always do that which is acceptable in Thy Sight. Unite us in the bonds of love. Keep us in charity with all mankind. Incline our hearts to walk humbly before Thee and help us so to acquit ourselves in this life that we may dwell with Thee in life everlastlng.



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Available Obituaries

2017 2010
Kevin M. Maresca ID 1997,  02/09/2017 Philip T. Price ID '66 Mar 2010
Norman Jerry Hubner ID '59, Jan 2017 David L. Engel ID '60 Jan 2010
Ike G. Batalis ID '69, Jan 2017  
2016 2009
Michael J. Montgomery ID '64, Jul 2016 Mark A. Asmar ID '67 Sep 2009
  Kevin J. Gfell 'ID '01 Jan 2009
2013 2008
Blaine E. Marsh ID '62,  Jul 2013 Charles C. Sprague ID '66 Nov 2008
E. William "Bill" Bailey ID '60, Apr 2013 Jerry R. Ohrberg ID '63 Mar 2008
Paul A. Gifford ID 64, Mar 2013  
Charles A. Hartman ID 60, Mar 2013
Billy L. Long ID '66, Jan 2013  
2012 2006
Jim Edgerton B' 66, PIK '86, Dec 2012 John D. Craft ID '61 Jan 2006
Bruce Ross ID '65, Feb 2012  
2011 Prior to 2000
Thomas R. Duke ID '86, Jul 2011 Harry Von Tobel ID '67 June 1998
Thaddeus L. Kowalski ID '93, Jun 2011 Ronald K. Wiehe ID '64 Nov 1975
Donald E. Hatfield ID '87, Apr 2011 Edward J. Knartzer ID '62 Dec 1974
Ronald J. Werner ID '67 Jan 2011  


John D. Craft Kevin Gfell
John D. Craft 1938 - 2006 Kevin J. Gfell 1979 -2009
David Engel 1 David Engel 2
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David L Engel



Parents Club letter from Ted Kowalski


Donald E. Hatfield
Donald E Hatfield 1965 - 2011

Bruce Ross 1943 - 2012

Grand Alpha Jim Edgerton, 1944 - 2012




Harry Von Tobel


E. William "Bill" Bailey ID '60, 1935-2013