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First photo

Before the Charter - Seventeen new Chakett Club members - 1958

From Iota Delta's Founding Through the article

The 1950's and 60's were times of unbounded enthusiasm at Iota Delta, interrupted by the "Great Fire of 1971" which destroyed the third floor rear roof. Our Chapter, caught up in a campus cultural revolution in the 1970's, nevertheless managed to survive and thrive during the 1980's, We experienced a "roller-coaster ride' of success in the 1990s, with extensive renovation of the house in 1993 and a second-place IU Sing finish in 1996. Strong Little 500 teams and "Keeping the Promise" construction campaign led Iota Delta's prospects into the early 2000's. . . .

Of the Years Gone By . . .

Chi Phi Bonds (music score) Iota Delta of Chi Phi Serenades
Chakett Club to Charter 1957-1958 An Initiation Banquet Program 1966
Gilbert Paul Gass begins ...  1957 News concerning the Great Fire 1971
Iota Delta Bath - Jordan River 1959 Our 15th Anniversary Celebration 1973
Iota Delta Christmas Party 1959 Chapter Photos of "The Chiefs" 1974
IU Arbutus Yearbook - Chi Phi 1959 Updated Articles of Incorporation 1975
IU Arbutus Yearbook - Chi Phi 1960 Fall Pledge Class Trip, Wisconsin 1976
Iota Delta Rush Lake Party 1960 Frangipana at our 25th Anniversary 1983
Initial Articles of Incorporation 1961 Iota Delta of Chi Phi Brothers 1985
IU Arbutus Yearbook - Chi Phi 1961 Attitude by Charles Swindoll 1987
IU Arbutus Yearbook - Chi Phi 1962 Trust Letter to Alpha David Cain 1990
IU Arbutus Yearbook - Chi Phi 1963 John D. Craft Scholarship 1993
IU Arbutus Yearbook - Chi Phi 1964 Brotherhood Day Graphic Art 1997
IU Arbutus Yearbook - Chi Phi 1965 Once and Future Iota Delta - 2008
New House Dedication/Donors 1964 Relocation of Chapter Property - 2015
House meeting

Early Newsletters

Monty and DonWilliam S. Montgomery ID '64, i.e. Monty, was the publisher of Frangipana II newsletters for many years, as well as holding Chapter Council and Alumni Association positions, including being Treasurer. His publication succeeded the first Frangipana newsletters of the early 1960's. To save on our limited money, as we owed over $110,000 to the Chi Phi Educational Trust on the initial building loan, a few alumni spent long hours several timesa year manually affixing address labels to some 500 newsletters in zip code order to use a Bulk Mailing Permit. The newsletter title changed to Iota Delta Update in 1989.

The Frangipana 1962 Frangipana II 1983
Frangipana II 1974 Frangipana II 1988
Frangipana II 1975 Iota Delta Update 1989
Frangipana II 1976 Iota Delta Update 1992
Frangipana II 1977 Iota Delta Update 1993
Frangipana II 1978 Iota Delta Update 1996
Frangipana II 1981  

Early Archives of Iota Delta
From 1957 through 1963
by John D. Craft ID '61 and Chapter Zetas - Historians. Courtesy of Don Meyer '60

NOTE: Due to the size of the archive file, it has been broken up into 8 separate PDF files.

Archives of Iota Delta - A Challenge Archives of Iota Delta - ppg 29 to 38
Archives of Iota Delta - ppg 01 to 10 Archives of Iota Delta - ppg 39 to 47
Archives of Iota Delta - ppg 11 to 19 Archives of Iota Delta - ppg 48 to 55
Archives of Iota Delta - ppg 20 to 28 Archives of Iota Delta - ppg 56 to 59

Chapter Composites

Damaged composites from 1958 to 1965 restored by Arnie Applegate '64

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Space indicates year(s) without composites presently available.

Charter Class of 1958 Class of 1980-1981 Class of 1990-1991
Class of 1958-1959 Class of 1981-1982  
Class of 1959-1960 Class of 1983-1984 Class of 1992-1993
Class of 1960-1961 Class of 1984-1985  
Class of 1961-1962   Class of 1995-1996
Class of 1962-1963 Class of 1986-1987  
Class of 1963-1964 Class of 1987-1988 Class of 1997-1998
Class of 1964-1965 Class of 1988-1989  
Class of 1965-1966   Class of 2000-2001
    Class of 2001-2002
Class of 1967-1968   Class of 2002-2003
Class of 1969-1970   Class of 2003-2004
    Class of 2004-2005
Class of 1977-1978   Class of 2005-2006
Class of 1978-1979   Class of 2006-2007