Iota Delta Roll Call

This Roll Call is in no particular order or ranking, with more names always to be added.  Many Iota Delta Brothers have led successful lives and achieved significant honors at Indiana University and after graduation. Our focus is on service to Chi Phi Fraternity. At the top, we could place "The Brotherhood", being students and alumni who have taken time to help other Brothers, showing concern, including them in fellowship, being dedicated and awake to the needs of those around us.

Roll Call

John D. Craft ID '61: Chi Phi Grand Council - Grand Zeta 1968 to 1972.  Chairman of National 150th Celebration 1973 to 1974. Prior Indiana Chi Phi president 1961 to 1972. A friend to all.  Mr. Indiana Chi Phi!  Inspiring, with a great sense of humor. "Fraternity Father" of Jack Frantz ID '61, Joe Goeller ID '63, Tom Hodson ID '63 

Carl J. Gladfelter, AT '33, ZD '56, ID '58, PsiD '70, ED '75, former Grand Alpha and National Director. Instrumental in 1963-64 construction of Iota Delta's Chapter house at 1400 North Jordan Avenue. At 99 years of age, Carl attended the 146th Chi Phi Congress as its patriarch at Orlando, Florida in 2011.

William F. Brockmann, ID '66. Prior Indiana Chi Phi president, Keeping the Promise Campaign. Chi Phi Congress, 2006 Alumnus of the Year

Robert N. Szalay, ID '64. Prior Indiana Chi Phi treasurer. Chairman of successful 45th Anniversary Keeping the Promise Campaign.

Benjamin J. Schmidt, ID '02. Current Indiana Chi Phi president. Led Directors in saving the Chapter house from being sold by foreclosure in April 2009.

Donald L. Meyer, ID '60.  Advisor to Iota Delta Little 500 teams. Chapter Director. Member, IU Student Foundation.

Dr. Kim P. Scherschel, ID '76.  Prior Indiana Chi Phi vice-president. Kim and Marty Scherschel led 1993 living room redecorations with new furniture and carpeting.

David B. Estes, ID '69.  Chi Phi Congress, 1993 Alumnus of the Year. Member, Alumni Inter-fraternity Council.

Joseph V. Goeller, ID '63.  Graduate Scholarship Advisor 1964. Chapter Advisor 1968.  Chi Phi Congress, 1976 Alumnus of the Year. 1978 National Distinguished Service Citation.  Prior Indiana Chi Phi president 1973 to 1982; 1989 to 1993.  Board secretary 1993 to 1998; 2008 to present (2012).

Arnold C. Applegate, ID '64.  Creator of the Chi Phi Crest Tapestry, our massive "Grape Leaves of Chi Phi" Scrapbook, large Illuminated Badge on House exterior; designer of many prize-winning Homecoming lawn displays and mobile floats; contributor over the years of further art projects on behalf of Iota Delta Chapter.

Illuminated Badge Arnie and Brooke Williams ID '66
installing Badge

Daniel A. Bowden, ID '76.  Prior Indiana Chi Phi president. Co-Chairman, Indy Chi Phi Club. 2012 ICPAA Distinguished Service Citation.

William D. Nuss, ID '68.  Chairman, 35th Anniversary Reunion. Co-Chairman, Indy Chi Phi Club. 2012 ICPAA Distinguished Service Citation.

William S. Montgomery, ID '64.  Prior Indiana Chi Phi vice-president, treasurer. Publisher, Frangipana II newsletters.

Judge Thaddeus L. Kowalski, ID '93.  Prior president, Chi Phi Parent's Club during early 1990's.  Ted's enthusiasm and accomplishments for Iota Delta were recognized with his initiation as a Chi Phi Brother.  While Iota Delta has father and son legacies, it may be unique that Ted was initiated in the same year that his son David M. Kowalski ID '93 graduated from IU.

John Craft and Bill Nuss at Indy Chi Phi Club, 1993

Dr. Thomas A. Gehring, ID '60.  Chi Phi Grand Council - Grand Beta 1977 to 1979; Grand Zeta 1979 to 1980.

Douglas E. Givan, ID '82.  Chi Phi Grand Council - undergrad Grand Iota 1980 to 1982; Ritualistic Counselor 1995 to 1997; prior Indiana Chi Phi president 1994.

Robert G. Grant, ID '69.  Chi Phi Board of Governors 1978 to 1980.

George H. G. Hall, ID '66.  Chi Phi Grand Council - Grand Eta 2005 to 2009; Chi Phi Board of Governors.

Frank Kovacs, Iota '73, ID '83.  Chi Phi Grand Council - undergrad Grand Theta 1971 to 1973; Grand Beta 1983 to 1987.  Past executive director of Chi Phi Educational Trust. 2012 ICPAA Distinguished Service Citation.

Robert K. Walker, ID '70.  Chi Phi Grand Council - Grand Zeta 1989 to 1991; Grand Gamma 1991 to 2001; Grand Beta 2005 to 2007; COE Dean of Faculty 1999 to 2008;  Chi Phi Board of Governors 2009 to 2014.

Thomas A. Walls, ID '72.  Prior Indiana Chi Phi secretary. Teamed with Ronald L. Richards, ID '70 to digitize many of Iota Delta's ritualistic records, including the Book of Three Declarations, plus updating alumni mailing information.

As this list is not comprehensive, please let us know of more Brothers who belong on our Roll Call of Iota Delta.